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Hospitality Jobs, Tourism Jobs, Job Search: Located in the rugged Purcell Mountains, on the edge of British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains, Panorama Mountain Village is about 2.5 hours West of Calgary. Hospitality Jobs, Tourism Jobs, Job Search: A summer/winter resort offering skiing and snowboarding at Panorama Mountain, golf at Greywolf Golf Course and a variety of accommodation options, this resort has hundreds of restaurant hospitality jobs.

Employees: With approximately 500 hospitality and tourism jobs in the winter season & 400 tourism and hospitality jobs in the summer, the resort is large enough to offer everything and small enough to be personal and offers many staff activities and benefits such as free skiing at surrounding resorts and other Intrawest resorts in North America. Additional staff perks include, ski trips to other mountains, staff dinners and events throughout the season. Full use of resort amenities, such as the gym and hot pool facility are also extended to staff.
Resort discounts off food and beverage, retail and rental are also an added perk!

Seasonal and Year Round Opportunities: We offer a wide range of employment opportunities that can be classified into 2 areas;
Core/key positions include lead, supervisor and manager roles and require a minimum level of industry and educational expertise.
Seasonal roles are classified as either winter or summer positions.
Winter roles usually commence Dec1rst and end April 15th.
Summer roles for Grey wolf Golf Course commence May 1rst and end Oct 10th.
Summer role for Panorama commence June 15/20th – Sept 5th.  
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Working in Canada:  Tips for Expats

Hospitality Jobs, Tourism Jobs, Job Search: Living and working in Canada can be a very rewarding experience either for short term or for long term goals. Canada has a very high standard of living, and is still considered as a land of opportunity, yet there are still a number of hurdles to overcome for expats wanting to live, and work there. 

First of all, in order to enter Canada, there are two visa types: An employment authorization visa, and an immigration visa. The former being for a limited period of time, and does not confer permanent residency, the latter, on the other side does not put any restrictions on where to work, for how long, and does grant permanent residency but is much harder to receive. Some employers, though, are willing to sponsor you, so you could get a work visa.     Much More ....

Ten Questions to Ask in an Interview
Hospitality Jobs, Tourism Jobs, Job Search: When interviewing for hospitality and tourism jobs, asking the right questions to prospective employers will show him or her that you are serious in your efforts to work for their company, and that you are an organized individual. You should steer clear of asking any personal questions or any questions that are not directly job related. Here are some questions that you should ask your prospective employer:

1) Why is this position available right now?
2) How many times has this position been filled in the past 5 years?
3) What should the new person do differently from the last person?
4) What would you most like to see done in the next 6 months?
5) What are the most difficult problems that this jobs entails?
6) How much freedom do I have in the decision making process?
7) What are my options for advancement?
8) How has this company succeeded in the past?
9) What changes do you envision in near future for this company?
10) What do you think constitutes success in this job?   
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