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Arctic Chalet Ltd.

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Kennel Master & General Labour
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  Full Time      
Position: Kennel Master and General Labour
Type: Volunteer Position with Salary, Housing (see below)
Organization: Arctic Chalet Ltd.
Location: Inuvik, Northwest Territories

The Arctic Chalet is a beautifully landscaped Eco-friendly, non-smoking tourist establishment located in the Canadian Arctic on the outskirts of Inuvik, Northwest Territories. We provide beautiful cabin accommodations and adventure tours above the Arctic circle.

We are looking for a healthy, PHYSICALLY FIT person who has experience working with animals and has a passion for dogs. This position is available from July or August and on and involves helping with or managing our dog kennel operations and doing other misc. jobs for the business for a period of one year.

We are offering a gross salary of $1500 per month, accommodations/utilities included (worth $500 per month) and a flight south to anywhere in Canada as well as a cash bonus of $1000 at the end of a one-year term if successfully completed.

Each staff member gets his or her own bedroom or cabin, the use of our laundry facility, transportation to town for groceries once a week (staff do their own cooking), a limited amount of WIFI and other amenities.

As part of the northern experience we like to include staff members in some of our tours and adventures. Our employees and volunteers learn many new skills such as driving ATVs, snowmobiles and driving dog teams on training runs and possibly doing some guiding. The experience working with our huskies is the real highlight of this northern Arctic experience!

We run a split schedule between working with the dogs and doing other chores and the schedule can vary from day to day requiring flexibility. There is a nice balance between working with the dogs and helping with other aspects of running the business.

Volunteer Opportunity
Working with the dogs is considered volunteer work without pay. Kennel duties include feeding, watering and cleaning dog pens and doing other jobs that involve dog care and training. In summer we use 4-wheeler ATVs for training and for short tours. At the start of winter we use snowmobiles and then dog sleds. Training the dog teams for our dog sledding tours requires someone with good dog sense and excellent dog handling skills which can be quickly learned.

Work for Pay
Work that is covered by the monthly salary and which is not dog related involves a variety of cleaning jobs and /or yard work, winter snow shovelling, possibly driving our water truck, helping with maintenance of the cabins, detailing cars etc. and at times helping with some office work such as checking guests in and out and taking reservations or telephone messages when necessary. This position also involves taking a lead hand in organizing and supervising inexperienced volunteers that are here for just a few months.

A valid Canadian work permit and driver’s licence is required. Normally our staff work full-time 6 days per week with one day off and alternate with other staff for dog feeding and cleaning pens on Saturdays, the usual day of rest.

As we live in a natural environment we hire staff who are interested in spending time out in nature. And because of the clientele that we serve we require staff members to be clean, neat and tidy in appearance to meet our company standard, non-smoking/non-drinking and drug-free with no large or offensive tattoos, body piercings or radical hair stiles.

If you are interested in tourism and are adventurous, have a passion for dogs, love of nature and enjoy being outside, this opportunity may be perfect for you. We will try to give you the best possible Arctic experience!

To apply for this position please do the following:
1. Visit our web site and check out the Volunteer page.
2. E-mail us your resume, several recent pictures of yourself along with a letter of introduction to:*
3. After sending in your application please give us a call at (867)777-3535.