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Kananaskis Country Golf Course

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Housekeeper/Laundry Attendant
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  Full Time      
HouseKeeper/Laundry Attendant

Hey… how are you? Hope you are having a great day today! We appreciate you taking a little bit of time out of what is likely a busy day for you, to read about an opportunity that we have. Actually maybe it is better to call it an experience…a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something really cool with your life that will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the world to have the chance to be surrounded by like minded people who are passionate about creating extraordinary experiences for our guests and for our team.
Kananaskis Country Golf Course is quite simply a special and different place. Literally and figuratively, it is a breath of fresh air. What makes it so special? Certainly, our setting doesn’t hurt! We are located in the middle of the spectacular Canadian Rockies about 55 minutes west of Calgary and 45 minutes from Banff; paradise if you are the kind of person who enjoys a quiet environment surrounded by nature, tremendous hiking, kayaking, rollerblading, and camping. But the setting doesn’t even begin to tell our story. The secret to this special place for over 35 years been our team…our family. Incredible people like you who understand the power of connection and how small gestures and going the extra mile mean so much to creating a very special feeling for both sides involved.
So, what do you think so far? Does this place sound interesting? Is your gut telling you to read on and find out more about what we are looking for? Is it intrigued by the fact that this job posting isn’t like most others that you have read before? Let me tell you the gist of what we are looking for. In a nutshell, we need givers - not takers. We need people who crave connection, are passionate about people, love being busy, and aren’t scared to try something new…
Our core fundamental value and focus is something we call #makethetime. It is our rallying cry, our mantra, and our reason for being in business. What does it mean and why is it so important? Two reasons:

1 The pace of our lives is simply crazy. We are all way too busy and being pulled in a million different directions. When we finally do get a chance to hang out with friends/family we often say to ourselves…” why don’t we do this more often?”. The easy answer is because we need 48 hours in a day and not 24. It is our focus as a business to remind people that they need to “make the time” to be with loved ones to re-connect and to decompress. It’s important. Kananaskis Country GC is exactly the right spot to do that. Whether it is to golf, to come for breakfast, lunch, dinner, have business meetings, whatever the excuse… JUST DO IT!

2 Make the time is also a FOCUS for our team. For example – “make the time” to:
a. Shake someone’s hand, look them in the eye, and introduce yourself.
b. Do the little things that we all know mean SO MUCH
c. Do the right thing…. period.
d. Pick the perfect items to sell in the Pro Shop, pick the best ingredients for our menu, or find the best practice to ensure our greens roll true.
e. And on…and on…and on. You get the point…you’re a smart cookie.

So, what is this long winded Job posting for?
Our team needs Building Maintenance Assistants who “made the time” to read this verbose posting and is moved by it. We also need someone who:

1. Loves variety in the workplace and will work in different positions like our Turf grass maintenance teams if required.
2. Is willing to move out to Kananaskis Country GC and live on site to enjoy a season with us.
3. Enjoys being around people, having fun, working hard, playing hard, and taking everything that mountain life has to give.
4. Is a person who enjoys chipping in and helping wherever needed… in other words doesn’t know or understand the phrase “that’s not my job”.
5. Enjoys working outside in a beautiful mountain environment.
6. Wants to learn the systems, policies, and procedures that I have put together for the Maintenance

Operations and help to make them better with practical experience and input.

Terms of Employment :
• Full time hours plus share of gratuity pool. Newly renovated accommodation with private room and Wi-Fi is available at affordable rates.
Responsibilities will include:

o Cleaning and stocking of bathrooms and other public areas for five facilities buildings
o Laundry and cleaning of uniforms
o Washing exterior windows
o Litter picking
o Sweeping and mopping common areas and washing walls
o Cleaning exterior paved surfaces
o Changing garbages and vacuuming common areas
o Living with the people you work with and working with the people you live with! Incredible opportunity to make life-long friends!

Obviously, there is much more to the position but I have rambled on enough here. If you are interested in applying for this position and coming on a pretty cool ride at a facility that we believe will be crazy busy for years to come – then DO IT!!! Send in an application. If you want to learn more about the position – feel free to reach out to me at

Thanks so much for the consideration!

Bill Hughes
Maintenance Manager
Kananaskis Country Golf Course